Scottsdale City Council 2018

What I believe:

  • A Preserve should be preserved.
  • Voter intent should be honored.
  • A City budget should be managed wisely and conservatively.

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Public Trust

Public trust is the foundation of a thriving and prosperous City.  Embracing community input and entrusting Scottsdale voters led to Scottsdale’s greatest achievements: the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

I support:

  • Work to ensure that every geographical area is represented on City Council.
  • Protect the McDowell Sonoran Preserve from development unless voter approved.
  • Ensure public dollars benefit public programs as required by the City Charter.
  • Build a consensus to cap campaign donations used in City Council races.

Priorities for Prosperity

Scottsdale’s world class reputation, our effortless elegance, is the result of community focused priorities.   Scottsdale must prioritize its limited tax dollars on investments that improve Scottsdale’s value as a tourist and business relocation destination.

I support:

  • Prioritize Scottsdale’s $800 million of unfunded infrastructure needs and remove non-essential projects.  Every dollar not borrowed is a dollar available to hire policemen
  • Focus on small investments that yield BIG results to enhance tourism and quality of life.
  • Use bed tax dollars to fund needed upgrades to Scottsdale’s existing tourism blockbusters such as the Giants Stadium.

Quality of Life

Scottsdale’s allure is its unique character, vast open spaces, and luxurious yet affordable lifestyle.    Growth should be consistent with Scottsdale’s character and enhance the quality of life for today’s residents as well as future residents.

I support:

  • Protecting Scottsdale’s character & mountain views
  • Full staffing for Fire & Police Departments
  • Expanding transportation options
  • Keep Scottsdale cool increasing trees, shade structures, and other investments that combat excessive heat.