The biggest threat to the preserve should NOT be the people entrusted to protect it. The preserve IS the destination, not the proposed DDC.

It's important that you support a public vote on the DDC... please take this important step to PRESERVE OUR PRESERVE and listen to the residents of Scottsdale about what we value!

I'm 13 and I can't understand why some of the adults don't know the definition of "preserve".

I am totally against the DDC. It's a huge waste of money and should not be built in the Preserve! The only reason the city wants to build the DDC in the Preserve is so it can raid the money from the Preserve Fund. This fund is to be used to purchase additional land and ensure the long term viability of the Preserve.

The Preserve IS a classroom. No building needed.

I wonder how many saguaros need to be removed to build the "Saguaro listening station"

The taxpayers need to have a voice in how our land that we voted and paid for is used. It should be protected and not exploited.

Intact desert itself is the most magnificent "Desert Discovery Center". Please leave it as such!

A public Vote should settle this dispute!

We totally oppose the DDC in the Preserve and do not support it outside the Preserve unless there is very respectable market research strongly supporting the economic viability of the DDC.

No one wants this. Why do you want to ruin the preserve!?

A public vote on this vital issue is imperative. Anything less would be a violation of the public trust.

If the mayor and city council really want to educate the public about the Sonoran Desert, they would make every effort to preserve it.