I am glad i voted for you.

I knew you were the right person to support for City council. Intelligent, great communicator and that wily unexplainable ability of a mother to aim and hit the correct target every time.

Sometimes just knowing someone is hearing you is such a relief. I am so grateful.

I was reflecting on the incredible impact you made in our community. Your positive support affected the lives of many people and we are so grateful.

Well done and bravo! You sound rational when so many are just plain crazy right now.

I don't remember ever being so well informed on what is going on in Scottsdale. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

You brought to this council: thoughtfulness , empathy, tenacity and spiritual communication.

Real leadership means doing the right thing, even when it is difficult. You have thousands of physicians behind you.

I am grateful for all you do and standing up for our community.

We love Scottsdale and I am so happy to hear from you! Bless you! We are in support of you and your efforts!

Thank you, Solange! Your leadership is respected and admired!

Thank you for your prompt response and validation to support the values of science , education, and community safety.