Are you a Cheapskate?

Cheapskate Tip 1: Go for a hike.

A bit of nature is a healthful and bonding experience – whether on a first date or out with the family.  It is easy on your wallet, too.

Cheapskate Tip 2: Drink Scottsdale Tap Water (filtered or not)

$1.65 buys a water bottle or 1,000 gallons of Scottsdale tap water.  Buy a re-useable bottle and fill it 1,200 times for $1.  Scottsdale Water performs 17,500 tests on water samples annually.

Cheapskate Tip 3:  Buy a gift that saves time and elephants, too. 

From birthdays to bar mitzvahs, retirement parties to baby showers: everyone loves a baby elephant.  Giving the gift of an “adopted” orphan elephant, helps ensure that our future includes elephants by supporting the internationally respected Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Or donate to local: Liberty Wildlife, Phoenix Herpetological Society, Southwest Wildlife, or Wild At Heart. Or pick from many other wildlife adoption programs.

Cheapskate Tip 4: Need to go to Target? Don’t!

Make a list and only shop every 2nd or 3rd time and you will have made do without many of your ‘needs’.

 Cheapskate Tip 5: Plant a vegetable garden from recycled kitchen waste.

Don’t toss the bottom part of green onions, chives, and leeks.   Plant these into a pot or garden and enjoy!.  Tops of pineapples and lettuce roots work.  Avocado seeds and old sweet potatoes make for nice outdoor plants. (pineapple).

 Cheapskate Tip 6: Birthday Party Saving’s Tip

Skip goody bags, over-packaged plastic ‘stuff’, and candy wrappers, too.  Give each party goer a simpler and healthy gifts like a jump rope or coloring book.

Cheapskate Tip 7: Exterminate your extermination service.

Pay a kid – yours or a neighbors – a buck to remove unwanted visitors. Pesticide application is costing you more than a monthly fee. Pesticides are expensive, kill some 64 million American birds every year, and are unhealthy for pets, kids, and you

Cheapskate Tip 8: Consider an Arizona Holiday

Planes, trains, & rented automobiles got the best of your vacation? Arizona is a spectacular State. Remember, much of the world is trying to get here. Staycations cost and pollute less and contribute to our local economy.

Cheapskate Tip 9: Update your wardrobe and home décor with gently used clothes and furniture.

Consignment shops are eclectic and fun. Often there are tremendous savings to be found. For the real cheapskate, skip the middle-man and trade kids clothing, books, & toys with neighbors!

Cheapskate Tip 10: Next time you are missing an ingredient for dinner, borrow from a neighbor.

Starting your car from cold dramatically increases the amount of pollutants in the air.  I always sent my kids knocking when I needed an ingredient.  It saves money, time, and my kids knew every neighbor.  Knowing neighbors makes us happier and according to police departments…. reduces crime.

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