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March 2018

A Tale of Two Charities

A Tale of Two Charities: After 35 years and tens of thousands of wildlife lives saved and far-too-many-educational programs to even count- Liberty Wildlife finally has a building. The award winning facility is built on industrial wasteland that they restored back to health benefiting the entire community. The cost to tax payers: $0. By contrast, the Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale Inc, has zero programs, expects tax payers to fund $68 million worth of infrastructure on pristine, tax payer funded Sonoran desert. Without serving a single person in our community, the DDCS (a charity) has already cost tax payers millions. Charities, as Liberty Wildlife so elegantly demonstrates, should SERVE and ENRICH a community…. READ MORE

Invasive Plants that endanger our Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert evolved without fire because there was nothing much to burn!  Residential landscaping plants – such a buffel grass – are aggressively invading our Preserve crowding out native plants and creating a severe fire threat which kills our majestic saguaros and other desert inhabitants.  Make sure and remove these invaders from your yard and encourage neighbors and HOAs to do the same.  More Info: Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum/Buffel Grass