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January 2018

Voting for my Mom

This November, I will vote in my first election, and I am excited that my first ever official vote will go towards my mother. My mom is truly one of the most extraordinary people I know; she is passionately devoted to helping others, not because it is in her best interest, but simply because that is just who she is. She taught us (me, my brother, and my sister) these same morals. For instance, as a child I remember pulling off on the side of the road on many occasions simply to help an animal that had been hit by a car, it didn’t matter if she was just going to the store or late for a meeting, her first mission was always to help the unfortunate little critter who could not help its self. Not only this but my mom also has a unique perspective on life, she is able to see the beauty in anything, this is why she has worked tirelessly the past two years to protect our preserve. While many Scottsdale residents may drive by this land every day without thinking twice, my mother is still infatuated by its beauty, even after living here for over 20 years. This November, I not only get to vote for my mother, I also get to vote for a genuine, compassionate woman, and my biggest inspiration. I love you, mom.